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Trying to force myself to like something hhhhhhhhHHHHHH wow these are shit compared to my other sketches

kannamaru and I did another collaboration! This time, Gust of Wind from Pharrell’s new album G I R L which features Gust of Wind, with vocals from our favourite robots Daft Punk!

She did the LineART and I coloured the picture which you can watch actually right here:

Whoops, my hand slipped and made a really shitty digital painting of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded from the History Channel that you should totally check out even though the shows over. (Also to mention I referenced the scene at the end of the intro because all of them looked bad ass there.)

I think I should stick with cartoon mediums instead of painting digitally. Oh well.

This was a paypal commission for my friend MissCarmela. She commissioned an icon for her shop:… You guys should check it out~ There will be some cool stuff on it : D

For Commission Info:…

Icons for the about page on

Casually doing a thing, WIP for a speed drawing.


Up and done : )

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Sneak peek for Pacific Punk’s chapter cover:


Beyond the Pacific Launch Date 3.15.14

my webcomic will lauch hopefully the 15th of march or 16th, unless i have to move the date of course : >

ArtTrade with marimora4812 on deviantart

Marimora’s part:…